a lady named lucy had a dog named boobs

one day the dog ran away she went to the police man and said ”have you seen boobs” the man said ”no but i would like to”

Who Am I?

who am i ???
i can make brown stuff.
i put my face on the toylet.
i might be disgusting.
so who am i…
i am your butt

The Moose

Why did the moose go into the Coffee Shop?
To fornicate with your mother!

The Mans Willy

Me: Why did the mans Willy fall off?
You :Dunno why did the mans Willy fall off?
Me: Because be he didn’t go to surgery. Hahahahaha

Also The Naked Man

why the man was naked
a. he was naked lad
b.he had a buttcheek

The Naked Man

why was the naked man naked.
a. he had nakedpower.
b.he had a naked pecan friend.
c he was naked man.