what is a bannana in a taxi?

bannana day trip

Secret Ingrediant

What is the secret ingrediant of a toilot?


In The Forest

What do you find in the forest?

An gremlin

A Bee

what did a bee say to a other bee?

i love plants

Banana Ladys

Why did the banana ladys cross the road?

To try on a banana weding dress

Running Around

why did the chiken running around screming

because it needed to use the toilot

The Ham Contest

if you go to the ham contest wat will the man say

you won last year you are not alowed


nock nock
whos there
what chickin?
a frendly chickin

A Spoon

doctor doctor i think i am a spoon.

sit on that chair and stop staring.

A Tiny Little Mouse

if a cow screams just because theres a tiny little mouse what do you think another cow would say to the scared little cow
”WHAT your scared of a little mouse? its smaller than you, your a coward


knock knock
who is there
boss who
boss will you give me some pens

The Chicken

why did the chicken cross the road

to get its baby monkeys ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahaha