what is a bannana in a taxi?

bannana day trip

The Ham Contest

if you go to the ham contest wat will the man say

you won last year you are not alowed

The Ham

what did the ham say to the bred
if we were togeter we wuod be lovly

Not At The Party

why was the dog not at the party

because he would have to eat a hotdog


knock knock
whose there
boiled who

What Will Happen

what will happen if you added water ice fire and food


Frog Legs

waiter do you have frog legs.

no Ive always had ketchup legs with poo on them.

The Duck And The Barmant

 The duck went in to the bar and said do you have any bread
and the barmant said no
and he went back out and went back in and said do you have any bread
and he said no
and he went back to his house stupid!

Eat Banana

why do monkeys eat banana

because bananas are not afraid

The Strongest

what do you call the strongest vegtable 


The Chef

Why does the chef always be right……..
Because he’s the chef.


Q: Why is Birmingham called Birmingham ?

A: Because they like to burn ham

Why Can’t Cats

why cant cats eat popcorn

beacause cats get sleepy

Hungry Who

knock knock
who there?
hungry who
I´m hungry so give me my stupid food


Darling, put the banana away.
It is away.
In my pants!