Nock Nock Who

nock nock
[ nock nock who? ]
call again please I need a poo

With Glasses On

what do you call a tiger with glasses on?

a scientist tiger

Jessie J

How do you wake up Jessie J ?

Poke her face

The Nakid Girilla

what did the nakid girilla do in the pram….

he was dozing with an ambrella

Her Granny’s

how do a pig get’s to her granny’s ?

a train

The Ham

what did the ham say to the bred
if we were togeter we wuod be lovly

One Wasp

what did one wasp say to the other?

whatttt’s up

Not At The Party

why was the dog not at the party

because he would have to eat a hotdog

The Biggest Man

Who is the biggest man?

No one you are all the same size

In July

why do people light a fire in july

because there cold


Question: What do you call a lady with a lady with marmelade on her head.